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Application hub for digital workspace

Digital workspace are the new workplace that utilise PCs, tablets and smart devices to promote flexible ways of working that are not bounded by time or location.

While rapid teleworking become widespread with the Corona disaster, remote access from home and other locations that were not based on digital workspace increase security risks and reduced productivity due to lack of collaboration. An increasingly, number of companies are introducing digital workspaces as virtual offices to solve these issues.

The three elements that make up a digital workspace

  • Devices

    PCs/smartphones/tablets. etc.

  • Applications

    Business Chat/Web Conference /Cloud Storage etc.

  • Security

    Multi-factor authentication/Endpoint Security/
    Contents Security etc.

QUALITIA CLOUD provide Application, Communication and Security as an application hub for the digital workspace. It is an unprecedented new service developed to provide a method for sharing information in new workplaces, improve productivity and work efficiency, and reduce security risks.

Application hub technology makes it possible to display and use multiple services within a single screen.

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All services in one screen

QUALITIA CLOUD's Application Hub is a new technology that integrates various applications used over the network to create a digital workspace tailored to the way each individual work.

The digital workspace of the future will require the use of multiple SaaS applications for a variety of tasks, including email, web conferencing and business chat.

Application Hubs allow multiple application windows (digital workspace) to be displayed simultaneously on the same screen.

Launch SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, desknetʼs NEO and communication tools such as email, web conferencing, and business chat, and display multiple windows on the same screen. switch to work. In the future, we are also considering data linkage between applications.

In addition to smooth information sharing for customers' remote work, it is a service that will be indispensable for future digital workspaces by providing a webtop to improve productivity and work efficiency.

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  • 24/7 peace of mind

    24/7 fault handling. Dedicated support dials are available.

  • 99.9% SLA (System of Life Assurance)

    With a redundant system, the SLA guarantees an uptime of 99.9%. It provides a reliable service to businesses.


QUALITIA PTE. LTD. is a messaging solutions company that develops and sells products.
The company’s business is centred on email and email security, and through its mainstay products, such as the Active! mail webmail and DEEPMail large-scale email system, it contributes to improved communication efficiency and the development of IT human resources in companies, government offices and major universities.
In addition, we also provide cloud-based email error prevention service ‘Active! gate SS’, which works with Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace, cloud-based email archiving service ‘Active! vault SS’, targeted email attack countermeasure solution ‘Active! zone, which is a targeted email attack countermeasure solution.